All about me, an ordinary SP student with extraordinary beliefs!

Yo! My name is Loh Jia Quan. Currently 17, born in 2001. I actually live a relatively boring life, with more of the excitement going through my head.

My Hobbies (In order of interest ^.^)

  • Spending time w/ my loved ones
  • Listening to music (All kinds)
  • Playing cards :P (Iconic thing in my class)
  • Mahjong (If I ever get the chance)
  • Frisbee, soccer or cycling (Can get tiring at times)
  • Playing computer games (Nostalgic, but burnt out)

What type of person I am: (Based on other’s response, not mine! >.< )

  • Helpful
  • Sociable / Approachable
  • Outgoing
  • Picky (Want’s things to go his way)
  • Lapsup
  • Realistic

You too can contribute to this list by sending in your opinions here!