Summarised Life Story

Childhood, Primary School Years
2001 – 2013
Born – 12 years old

I was born in Perak, Malaysia in 2001. I did not have much of a recount as to what happened during this period of my life. My parents had to work so my relative took care of me for my first 3 years of my life. When I was 4, my parents took me back to Singapore, changing my Nationality along the way. My primary school is Teck Ghee Primary School, at Ang Mo Kio. Primary school life was simple, and carefree. I was a pure, innocent and simple-minded child, with silly but aspiring dreams and thoughts. As my parents were very strict, I always hoped that I could grew up quicker so that I can finally make decisions for myself and be free. I figured that life was relatively straight-forward, and lived on with my simple life.

Initial Secondary School
2014 – 2015
13 – 14 years old

Carrying on from primary school, I still bring that innocent and simple-minded personality into secondary school, which is Evergreen Secondary School, located at Woodlands. I moved house from Ang Mo Kio to Woodlands at the start of the year, entering into a new environment. As I begin my initial stages of my life as a young teenager, I naturally became more rebellious. I frequently got into troubles and instantly caught the attention of my discipline masters. Though the school rules and discipline masters are unreasonable at times and sometimes even crosses the line, the same can be sad for me. Even though I occasionally got into disciplinary cases, my life at this stage of my life is pretty smooth sailing. I got addicted into playing computer games, as computer games were one of the ways I spent my childhood growing up. Continuously spending more than a quarter worth of a day over computer games on a daily basis, I live life without thought. This carefree and lifeless routine carries on until my final secondary school years.

Final Secondary School Years
2016 – 2017
15 – 16 years old

I believe that nearly everyone will develop and know who they truly are as a individual at a certain stage of their life. For me, I truly believe that this time period of my life will define me as a character, how I perceive life and live on for the rest of my life. If I could define childhood, then this period of my life will be. After going through this stage of my life, I am well aware of who I am, what I can do, and what should I do. I guess this process is called maturing, or growing up. Maturing might not necessarily be the best outcome of my life, as it shattered my young, naive and pure self, but it equipped me with the necessary knowledge and skills for me to tackle further challenges in life, as well as setting my perception in life into stone.

So what exactly happened in this two years of my life, you may wonder? If I can fully recount every single detail and incident that happened during this stage of my life, I can probably make a movie out of it. Heck, maybe it might even become one of the best selling movies out there. Is that an exaggeration? No, in fact, that’s an understatement. There is an overwhelming amount of personal events that had in this phase of my life, and I feel not the need to share it to everyone. Sorry! But for those of you who have not been through a stage of their life similar to this, I hope the best for all of you. It will make or break you.

Incomplete Poly Life
2017 – Now
17 years old

Now that I have grown up, and know who I really am, I want to spend the rest of my time wisely. I want to cherish every single moment of my life with those whom I really care and are cared for. I want to do well for my poly and hopefully become a pride in the eyes of people that I really care about. The initial road poly life have carved out for me is already not extremely smooth sailing, but with prior experiences and newly acquired skills I believe I can handle any challenges that comes into my way. I am gifted with an amazing class, with such amazing classmates. I will make sure that I cherish my poly friends too, equally and as much as all my other friends out there. Love you all! <3